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The following student portal is to provide a platform for all students to improve their performance in National 5 Mathematics. Just click on the button for the topic you wish to revise. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, you're going to need it! You can use this section for consolidation of classwork, extension or even catching up on work missed. This platform has also proved to be an excellent resource for self-teaching the course at home.


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Schools interested in a license should contact with their enquiries or complete an order form on our contact us page.

Expressions & Formulae



Additional Resources

Unit Assessment Revision

Pupil Recording Grid

Feel free to download our pupil recording grid to help you log your progress in all video tutorials, worksheets and assessments. Simply enter your score as a percentage, e.g. if you scored 63% then enter 63. Also record the number of minutes it took you to complete a task, e.g. if 15 minutes were taken enter 15 in the relevant space. The grid automatically calculates many useful features which will help you with your revision.

Only got 20 minutes spare to study? That's great! Pick a skill and start your stopwatch. Studies have shown that short, regular, productive practice is the key to success! Download your pupil record below and start your Rigour Maths "HOW MANY MINUTES???" challenge today...

Nat 5 Maths Pupil Record.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [85.1 KB]

Pastpaper Playlist

See below for our National 5 Maths Pastpaper Playlist. Contained within this playlist is every National 5 Mathematics past exam question. You should not use a calculator for "paper 1" questions. Make sure you press the shuffle button and enjoy an almost unlimited bank of questions! Be sure to work on your areas of weakness in the online learning portal above...practice makes perfect!


Click here to run our National 5 Maths Pastpaper Playlist

Services available to schools

1. National 5 Mathematics Software...

Our interactive program has been developed over the past 3 years by the Rigour team consisting of experienced Principal Teachers of Mathematics from across the country, I.T. specialists and established publishers within the Scottish Education sector.

Our ideas have been presented at the Stirling Mathematics Conference and showcased at the Scottish Learning Festival.

The aim of our National 5 program is to make this challenging course accessible to every pupil. Each assessment standard within the National 5 Mathematics course has been differentiated into 3 modules; bronze, silver and gold level. Bronze level focuses on “unit assessment” standard skills whereas silver level focuses on the skills required for standard “exam type” questions. At gold level we focus on the skills required at "a/b level". Our unique grading system quickly develops confidence in pupils by increasing the difficulty level approximately one step at a time as they progress through the modules. There are 3 interactive class exercises, printable worksheets and practice assessments for every assessment standard at bronze, silver and gold level providing an almost unlimited amount of practice for each assessment standard at every level of difficulty. 

Our approach, which is successfully implemented in schools across Scotland, is of particular benefit to students who find the pace of National 5 Mathematics demanding and the syllabus challenging. Our explanations have been designed to remove barriers to learning in a language that students understand. 

The option to learn, consolidate or progress ANY skill at ANY time is merely a finger click away! 

Shown below is a quick video demo of our software showing some of it's key features...

Schools and individual teachers/tutors can purchase this software by completing the relevant order forms on our contact us page.

2. National 5 Mathematics Interactive Pupil Profile...

We are excited to offer interactive, electronic pupil profiles for National 5 Mathematics covering all assessment standards for Expressions & Formulae, Relationships and Applications. As you can see from the illustration to the right, pupils reflect on their learned skills using the "Skill Development Framework" where they tick off their skills using the check boxes as they master them. Any skills that require more practice can be revised either in class or in our National 5 Mathematics Online Learning Portal at the top of this page. There are also boxes for pupils to comment on their areas of success and improvement. Teachers, parents and other stake holders can also type comments in the indicated areas. There are also spaces for pupils to enter their RIGOUR assessment scores. All of these scores are automatically transferred to an attainment summary at the end of the profile which can be printed out. In this attainment summary are spaces to input unit assessment passes and a prelim score. The booklet itself prints out as an A5 booklet with pupil details on the front and their attainment summary on the back.

If you are having trouble editing your profile please ensure your Adobe Reader software is up to date. If it is not, you can download FREE update by clicking on the following link...

Schools and individual teachers/tutors can purchase this profile by completing the relevant order forms on our contact us page.

3. National 5 Mathematics Online Learning Portal...

In addition, our Online Learning Portal has every lesson online and pupils can download worksheets. This service can be utilised on computers, tablets or even smartphones for pupils requiring home tuition, revising for prelims/final examination, help with formal homework and even catching up on lessons missed through absence. Shown below are a few sample tutorials contained within our Online Learning Portal (accessed at the top of this page) and a small sample of some of the worksheets available to download.

Parents and individual teachers can sign up directly to this platform at the top of the page. Departments can sign their teachers up via our order form on the contact us page.


For further information please contact


Our mission when designing this particular program was to make National 5 Mathematics achievable for all and we are delighted with the feedback we have had from across the country so far. .. 


Just a quick email to say thank you for your fantastic online tutorials. I found your site online after my daughter was struggling with National 5 Maths and only achieved 27% in her prelim. After working through your tutorials she managed to achieve a B grade pass. Will be using your site again for Higher Maths and recommending you to her classmates, most of whom did not pass and have to re-take the course.

A happy parent

All the staff and pupils love the software. Using Rigour has taken the level of focus and engagement to a new level. When the pupils set their own target working time and as the timer is started, you can hear a pin drop in the classroom as they work through the excercise of the day. As staff, the structured learning intentions for each outcome ensure full coverage.

A happy teacher

Thankyou for your excellent resources. My daughter used them to help prepare for her Nat 5 exam. She got 96%!!!

A VERY happy parent

I used your surds videos to teach my son surds!

A confident parent!

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