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The following student portal is to provide a platform for all students to improve their performance in CfE 4th Level Numeracy...and beyond! Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, you're going to need it! You can use this section for consolidation of classwork, extension or even catching up on work missed. Ask your teacher for the password and click on the buttons below for access to the secure area...


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Skills developed in this portal;


MNU 401a

  1. Maximum and minimum values
  2. Tolerance notation

MNU 403a

  1. Number problems in context
  2. Long multiplication
  3. Long division

MNU 407a

  1. Changing between fractions and recurring decimals
  2. Percentage increase/decrease
  3. Expressing one value as a percentage of the other

MNU 408a

  1. Direct and indirect proportion
  2. Proportional division

MNU 409a

  1. Simple interest and credit cards

MNU 409b

  1. Wage slips and income tax

MNU 409c

  1. Buildings & contents, health and car insurance

MNU 410a

  1. Calculating distance, speed and time

MNU 410b

  1. Time, distance graphs

MNU 411a

  1. Area of 2D shapes
  2. Metric and imperial measures for length
  3. Metric and imperial measures for weight

MNU 420a

  1. Interpreting Bar Graphs, Stem & Leaf Diagrams and Pie Charts

MNU 422a

  1. Estimating/Linking/Comparing probability
  2. Calculating probability
  3. Choosing at random

4th Level Pupil Recording Grid...

Feel free to download our pupil recording grid to help you log your progress in all video tutorials, worksheets and assessments. Simply enter your score as a percentage, e.g. if you scored 63% then enter 63. Also record the number of minutes it took you to complete a task, e.g. if 15 minutes were taken enter 15 in the relevant space. The grid automatically calculates many useful features which will help you with your revsion.

Only got 20 minutes spare to study? That's great! Pick a skill and start your stopwatch. Studies have shown that short, regular, productive practice is the key to success! Download your pupil record below and start your Rigour Maths "HOW MANY MINUTES???" challenge today...

CfE 4th Level Pupil Record.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [99.7 KB]
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