What is RIGOUR? For us, RIGOUR is a 6 step approach for developing knowledge and skills in Numeracy and Mathematics. Each process starts with Reinforcement of knowledge at the previous level (bronze).Then, learners are Introduced to a new skill. Then follows the period of hard Graft! As the skill is practiced, learners have Opportunities to progress onto silver and gold level. Each pupil will then develop the skill to their own level of Understanding and evidence should be gathered at this stage. An example of this could be young people choosing their own assessment level. Support mechanisms should be in place to ensure the pupils are Remembering the skill as they move on to the next stage of their learning journey.

Rigour Maths is an interactive approach to learning Numeracy and Mathematics ensuring success for all regardless of age, stage and ability!


The flexibilty of our framework ensures that Rigour will fit seamlesly into ANY existing scheme of work.


Each numeracy and maths skill has been differentiated into 3 levels; bronze, silver and gold. As students progress the difficulty of the skill increases by one step ensuring clear progression for every child. Building confidence and ensuring that all children can access the same curriculum are vital steps in closing the attainment gap. The skills are grouped together to form learning modules organised by the Experiences and Outcomes.


To help schools implement our innovative approach, we offer 4 key services;

1. Differentiated, interactive teaching software

The idea behind our software is to provide teachers with an engaging and motivational resource with every learning tool required available at the click of a button. The flexibility enables teachers to choose the modules or skills best suited for their class. Please view the video below for a demonstration of our 3rd Level Numeracy software. Our other programs (2nd Level Numeracy, 2nd Level Maths, 3rd Level Maths, 4th Level Numeracy, 4th Level Maths, National 3 Applications and National 5 Maths) share a similar layout.

Our unique programs each contain over 3000 teaching resources including interactive whole class lessons, homework/worksheets, low-stakes assessments, and certification for all levels.


The lessons effortlessly facilitate whole class teaching and include many interactive features including a timer, a calculator and links to online interactive games relative to the skill being taught. Be prepared to witness high levels of engagement and motivation and hear a pin drop as children try to answer as many questions as they can in the given time!

The homework/worksheets can either be printed or displayed on your interactive whiteboard complete with solutions – ideal for peer assessment! There are over 10 000 questions to practice per program ensuring enough practice at each stage for all children to achieve success.


When pupils are ready they sit a short “low-stakes” assessment to demonstrate their learning and to help plan for next steps – they can even choose their level! With multiple check-ups available for each level students have the opportunity, after follow-up practice, to try again if they wish to improve their score.

Upon successful completion of a module, pupils can be awarded a certificate corresponding to the level achieved.


Each program comes complete with an electronic departmental recording spread sheet to help monitor the attainment of every child. These spread sheets also aid schools in the planning of any interventions.

We currently have available interactive software for the following levels of study;


CfE Program  

Cost (inc. 1 teacher license)  

Each additional teacher license  

2nd Level Numeracy



2nd Level Maths



3rd Level Numeracy



3rd Level Maths



4th Level Numeracy



4th Level Maths



National 3 Applications



National 5 Mathematics



**Note these are one-time payments for permanent use of the software**

2. Interactive, electronic pupil profiles

The pupil profile provides regular opportunities for reflection and the planning of next steps. Upon completion of a module, pupils use the skill development framework to record their level of mastery. They can also record their Rigour Assessment score(s), any other tasks/projects they completed during the topic and reflect on what they are pleased about and they would like to work on. 

There is also the opportunity for comments from the class teacher, parents/carer and any other agency involved in the learning journey. The profile is a working document which pupils should be encouraged to revisit on a regular basic to post any new updates. The profile can be transferred to and from school, for example, by memory stick, email or Show My Homework. Successful learners not only achieve well in class – they are ALWAYS looking for ways to improve!

We currently offer pupil profiles for the following levels of study;


CfE Electronic Profile

 Cost (for ALL pupils to have a profile…forever!) 

2nd Level Numeracy and Maths


3rd Level Numeracy and Maths


4th Level Numeracy and Maths


       National 5 Mathematics       


**Note these are one-time payments for permanent use of the profiles**

3. Online Learning Portals

The second R in Rigour stands for Remembering and retention of prior learning is fundamental for success in Numeracy and Mathematics. As a result, we offer online learning portals so students have access to a class lesson (including exemplification and questions to try), a corresponding worksheet (even more questions to try!) and a practice assessment to check their skills under exam conditions. The easy to understand explanations make it ideal for parents/carers who wish to play an active role in their child’s learning journey. These online learning portals ensure pupils can revisit, revise or extend ANY skill at ANY time. Each portal comes complete with an interactive student tracking grid so pupils can record their progress. Little and often is the key to success!

We currently offer online learning portals for the following levels of study;


Parents, carers and individual teachers can arrange access until June 2022 directly on our homepage all for £30 (+£6 VAT) - roughly the cost of one hour with a Maths tutor!


**Calling all schools**


Are you interested in becoming one of our partner schools? If so get in touch and we can provide you with your own individual school link which will enable your parents/carers to sign their children up at home for the reduced rate of £10 (+£2 VAT). Simply email sales@cdmasterworks.co.uk to request your link.


We also offer departmental/school subscriptions for the reduced rate of £20 per teacher. To qualify for this reduced rate there must be a minimum of 3 teachers subscribing.


Schools with PEF funding enquiries can contact sales@cdmasterworks.co.uk.

4. The free stuff!

We produce a FREE weekly numeracy newspaper designed to give pupils (and parents!) regular opportunities to apply their skills in new and unfamiliar contexts. Access the current and past editions complete with video solutions on our Daily Rigour page. We also offer interactive templates for any budding journalists who want to write a numeracy newspaper article! Alternatively you can email us on support@cdmasterworks.co.uk to be added to our weekly mailing list to ensure you never miss an edition! 

We provide monthly calendars for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Level providing students the opportunity to try a bit of maths every day. These calendars combine deliberate practice, distributed learning and interleaving of skills with each month providing the opportunity of overlearning. Not only will they help to ensure a solid foundation to build on in the senior phase but can aid teacher judgement of achievement of levels. This month’s calendars are available on our E’s and O’s page complete with video solutions.

If you are interested in any of our services to help your school start their Rigour Revolution contact us today at sales@cdmasterworks.co.uk – we would be delighted to hear from you!

Feel free to check out our short 2nd Level Numeracy demos illustrating many key features...

And here is one for 4th Level Numeracy...

To sum up...

Interactive class lessons are supplemented by differentiated homework aided at home via the online learning portal. This leads to success through choice of assessment with progress and next steps recorded in the electronic profile. The online learning portal is always there to facilitate remembering. This is the CONTINUOUS CYCLE OF IMPROVEMENT, the essential process for developing skills in numeracy and mathematics. Scotland's attainment challenge is now well and truly on...let's raise the roof on attainment!!!

How does any athelete/musician/professional become an expert in their field and remain at the top of their game? The answer is practice, practice and more practice. In short, the answer is RIGOUR.

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